Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Online Business Models

Internet has become an important part in human life. Many things that you can exploit the Internet, access information, communicate with others, build community, as well as for business. Well, it's good you know and understand about online business models are commonly encountered on the internet.

Sell Your Own Product; whether the results of your own production or production of another person that you stock. This is the category that most initial business model conducted on the internet and is now a category of the most popular business model is on the internet today. Items here can be a physical product / tangible or digital products such as ringtones, ebooks, MP3, software, membership, and others.

Sell Your Own Services; This is a category of fast-growing business model today. Generally you are selling is a skill / skills you have. While the pay you are the people who need the skills you have. For example: jacket website creation, design services logo / banner, article writing services, translation services, computer programming services, SEO services, and many more services that are marketed through the internet.

Affiliate Marketing; selling products or services or refer others to the compensation commission for each sales transaction that occurred (Pay Per Sale), for each lead / prospect given (Pay-Per-Lead), or for each click made (Pay Per Click) . Can be likened to you as an agent or broker who memasrkan other people's products or products of a company or affiliate merchants. Examples of merchants: PayDotCom, ClickBank, Amazon, etc..

Contextual Advertising is a category of business model where you create a website with content / information that attract so many visitors visited while the revenue derived from advertising / advertising in the form of text ads, banners or videos that are relevant to the content of the website. So, suppose that your website contains information about technology and computers, then the fish that will arise is around the topic of your website, technology and computers. Examples of this model is AdSense, AdBrite, etc..

Site flipping is a business model that involves buying or selling websites. Website is an asset thus like a house, buying and selling websites is the thing that started to frequent. There are people who create websites for the purpose of sale. There are people who buy lots of websites that have a value which is still low, then polished so that has a higher selling value. There are websites that have bought 'a' to be a money machine.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Google Adsense - What is?

Several years ago, Google began to receive advertising via banner in every search process via Google calls this program: Google Adwords. Then Google also offers to the owners of websites to display ads from Google's follow this, a fee-sharing system of payment per click (PPC). So, if the advertiser via Adwords pay the dollar / cents to Google for each click their ad, then some will be given to the owner of the website that this program, called Google Adsense.

From my observations, Google Adsense members are divided into 2 types:
1. Website that rely 100% of Adsense
2. Adsense is used as an additional revenue from original content website.

The characteristics of no. 1 is the content of websites lack strong content, for example: blogs. The characteristics of No. 2 is a website whose content is clear, for example: online store, community, product items, etc..

Friday, February 4, 2011

Off-Page SEO - Building Links Methods

Most of you surely know by off -page SEO, an SEO techniques by building links to other sites, especially those with high pagerank and in accordance with the theme of your website.

Link building or build backlinks is very necessary to get good position in SERP (Search Engine Result Pag). Link building is an optimization off-page SEO which is the deciding factor later on in the SERP after on-page SEO. It is different when compared onpage seo, seo offpage an activity conducted outside of the blog.

The process of link building / build backlinks is not done in vain, of course there are ways and methods of telling. For that in this post I akanmembahas how the means and methods of good link building with steps sniper course.

Here's Ways and methods of link building (build backlinks):

Comments on blogs dofollow

Commenting on dofollow blogs is the most easy to do. Not only that dofollow blogs that are now already a lot, yes we live comments on each posting, make it easy hehe .. but comments that are memabangun InGaN and the most important thing is do not nyepam.

Join a dofollow forum signature

By joining the forum so we can include links to the forum. Actually learn seo blogspot blog is rarely active on the forums, yes most participate in the forums facebook. By having our facebook account to join the thousands of existing forum or group on facebook backlinks easily and certainly gained more and more as well.

Submit to article directories

By submit to article directories so we can promote our article, not only that but we also will get a backlink.

Submit to social bookmarking

Link building using social bookmarking is the most profitable for us, because to submit to social bookmarking our blog will be indexed quickly, bring in visitors, of course, get backlinks as well, etc..

Utilizing the classifieds

Many advertising service that you can enjoy for free. But of course you'll get a different facility than the other people who pay for services such advertiser. Please search for services that fit your tastes and needs.